Marketing Society for Leadership Proliferation (MSLP) Launches “CareerCraft Bootcamp”

The Marketing Society for Leadership Proliferation (MSLP), a dynamic student-only organization within the Department of Marketing at the University of Chittagong, is thrilled to unveil its upcoming event, the “CareerCraft Bootcamp.” This unique initiative is set to equip undergraduate students with essential skills and knowledge crucial for their future professional endeavors.

Event Overview:

The CareerCraft Bootcamp is a comprehensive program comprising both online and offline activities tailored to enhance the skills of participating undergraduates. The event will span from December 19th, 2023, to January 15th, 2024, encompassing six impactful sessions designed to foster leadership and proficiency in various aspects of the business world.

Session Highlights:

  • Sales Leadership: A Masterclass in Persuasive Sales Discourse
  • Essentials of PowerPoint: Mastering Impactful Slides with PowerPoint Prowess
  • LinkedIn Mastery: Navigating Proficiency on the LinkedIn Landscape
  • Content Writing: The Art of Wordsmithery Crafting Compelling Content for Impact
  • Email Excellence: Crafting Impactful Emails for Professional Success
  • Speak with Impact: Mastering Public Communication


Assessment Program:

Participants will undergo an assessment program, receiving assigned tasks to evaluate the practical application of the skills acquired during each session. This hands-on approach aims to measure the effectiveness of the Bootcamp’s mission in preparing students for the challenges of the corporate world.

Recognition and Rewards:

Top performers from the sessions will receive valuable gifts, providing tangible acknowledgement of their achievements. Additionally, all participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the Bootcamp, validating their commitment to personal and professional development.

How to Participate:

Interested students can register for the CareerCraft Bootcamp by visiting –