Chittagong University Model United Nations 2024 Unveiled, with the the focus on Youth Led Marine Conservation

The Chittagong University Model United Nations Association (CUMUNA) unveiled its eighth annual flagship event, the Chittagong University Model United Nations 2024 (CUMUN24), which started on Wednesday 7th February. This prestigious Model United Nations (MUN) conference, one of the most anticipated in Bangladesh, promises four days of competitive debate, diplomacy, and negotiation for student delegates from across the country and abroad.

This year’s theme, “Enhancing Global Partnership to Conserve Marine Resources and Promote Sustainable Blue Economy,” underscores the urgent need for action to preserve marine ecosystems and biodiversity while fostering a sustainable blue economy through the power of youth advocacy.

The conference will feature 10 diverse committees, including the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Around 300 delegates from over 40 universities, including renowned institutions like Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University, will participate in addressing global issues related to marine resource conservation and sustainable economic practices. Additionally, delegates from India, Nepal, Malaysia, Djibouti, and Sierra Leone will bring international perspectives to the discussions, enriching the conference with diverse viewpoints.

Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Chittagong Professor Benu Kumar Dey, Assistant Proctor Shourov Saha Joy,, Professor of Faculty of Law A.B.M Abu Noman, Assistant Professor of Institute of Marine Sciences Dr. Shah-Newaz Chowdhury, Chairman of Public Administration Professor Mamtaj Uddin Ahmed, Professor of Union Engineering and Management University Dr. Kriti Sarkar were present at this conference.

During the opening ceremony Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Chittagong Professor Benu Kumar Dey said, “We live in a global village. We have to protect this global village. It’s our duty to preserve our biodiversity and ocean reservations. I hope that you will work out the policies to preserve this reservations through discussion in next four days.” Assistant Professor of the Institute of Marine Sciences Dr. Shah-Newaz gave an insight into Marine Conservation measures of University Of Chittagong and also said “Ocean is a shared property. A country alone cannot preserve it and protect it. We need global cooperation for the reservation of the blue economy.” Taking the floor, Secretary General Abdulla Al Zedan said, “This year CUMUNA is 10 years old CUMUNA. We are organizing the CUMUN conference for the 8th time. We ensures that the secretariat will try their utmost best to assist throughout the event for the delegates to have an impactful conference.”

A team consisting of 94 secretariat members has been formed to organize the conference. The United Nations Information Centre, Dhaka, and United Nations Bangladesh are the strategic partner of the conference. Moreover the conference was supported by Bhaiya Group, AHZ Associates, Aspiring Bangladesh, Teach for Bangladesh and Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center. CUMUN24 aims to provide a platform for young minds to contribute meaningfully to the global discourse on critical challenges. Through intense discussions, research opportunities, and the application of the United Nations curriculum, delegates will refine their diplomatic and research skills while shaping solutions for a more sustainable future.