BUET IWFM Master’s Admission Questions April 2023

BUET Gate বুয়েট গেট
  1. Which is the agenda of the COP 21 Summit? A. Reduce Global Warming, B. Keep Temperature rise below 2 Degrees
  2. Which Statement is not Correct?   A. Urenium is renewable energy B. Iron used in water purification. C. Acid Rain Cause soil pollution. D. Nitrogen is most abundant in the atmosphere.
  3. Which of these is less impactful for the greenhouse effect? A. CO2 B. Methane. C. Water Vapor D. Nitrogen.
  4. Students should abide ____ our decisions. A. With  B. To  C. By D. in
  5. Which disaster caused more death in the last decades in Bangladesh? A. Earthquake B. Flash Flood C. Cyclone D. Over Rain
  6. What is the sum of the first 75 numbers of the series? 2+4+6+…..+2n?
  7. The mean of the first 100 numbers is 23. mean of the other 50 numbers is 27. The mean of 150 Numbers is A and B is another mean of numbers, which is 25. Now find which is correct? A. A>B. B. B is greater. C. Both are equal. D. Can not be defined.
  8. A traphizium with hight 12. One side is 10 and the other is 26. Find the area.
  9. A Photocopy machine of BUET can copy 2400 in 8 minutes. B Machine can make 2600 copies in 6 minutes.
  10. A salesman gets 9% of total sales in addition to his salary. His salary is 18000. if he got 25200 takas in that month, what were the total sales in that month? A. 70000 B. 72000 C. 80000 D. 66000
  11. Which point is in the x-axis? A. 0,2  B. 4,0 C. 3,2  D. -2, 0
  12. Which line is Vertical?  A. x=2  B. Y= 3, C.
  13. Get to the changing meaning
  14. she is- – at the garden? a. watching, B. looking, C. seeing
  15. Mokha attacked in which place in Bangladesh?
  16. Which is the main source of River water in Bangladesh
  17. Buriganga river outflows in — and carries Industry and — Waste? A. Dholeshory, Municipal B. Tongi, Agriculture C. Shitolokkha, Municipal. D. Shitolokkha, Agriculture.
  18. Which is the way rivers pollute themselves? A. Deforestation, B. Sediment flow. C.
  19. When the river flows through the forest, it causes A. Reduce peak flow, B. increase water, c. all of these.
  20. Which doesn’t cause sea water rise? A. Antarctic ice melting  B. Green Land Ice Melting C. glacier Restoring D. Meditarian Ice melting
  21. Which are is not affected by drought problem? A. Rajshahi B. Bogura C. Rangpur D. Cumilla
  22. if a^2=b^3, then relations in a and b. A. A>B, B. A<B, C. A=B, D. can not be identified
  23. (2^-n/3) * (3^-n/2)=1/36. What is n?
  24. What is the value of 10 based Logarithm of 0.0002?
  25. Ganga, Podma, and Brahmaputra carry mostly water from? Melting ice
  26. A Cyclone becomes super cyclone when its airspeed passes A. 200 Km/h B. 210  C. 230  D 250
  27. What is the rotation and movement of cyclones in the southern axis of the earth? A. Clock-wise and AntiClockwise B. AntiClockwise and Clockwise C. Both Clockwise D. Both anti-clockwise
  28. Why movement of the cyclone is clockwise on the southern side of the earth? Due to the earth’s rotation in the axis.
  29. what is the reason for El Nino and La Nino?
  30. Relation in Runoff, Rainfall, loss in an image.
  31. What is not a structural preparation for disaster? A. Making Strong structure In coastal areas. B. Increase govt. regulations for making houses. C. Improve communication system for the early forecast of disaster.
  32. What is the meaning of en route?
  33. Halda is famous for? A. Carps B. Hilsha C. Shrimp
  34. In a Box, there are 5 green, 4 red, and 6 yellow balls. What is the possibility of not picking the green ball? A. 2/3 B. 7/12 C. 9/15
  35. Rotation and movement of cyclones in southern Earth is? A. Clockwise B. Anticlock C. Clock-Anticlock D. Anticlock-Clock
  36. Ho much Air speed needed for a supercyclone? A. 200Km B. 220 KM C. 230KM D. 250 KM